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Successful Student Transition Plans

Educators, advisors and parents can find resources to support students' postsecondary education and employment plans.

Helping middle and high school students to create and advance in a personalized postsecondary or career plan is a legislative requirement for Minnesota schools. It's also a good way to help more students to identify and succeed in the right college, job training and career options for them.

Specific templates and implementation of students' personalized plans will vary across Minnesota. Below are resources any educator or advisor can use to help teens and young adults to make postsecondary and life plans.

MN Careers & College Readiness Collaborative
Resources by and for secondary, postsecondary, workforce, and community partners supporting individualized plans.

An online, step-by-step tool to plan for successful transitions to career and postsecondary options for middle and high school students. Includes a companion workbook with related exercises and a place for students to track their progress.

Planning for Students’ Successful Transition to Postsecondary Education and Employment (120B.125) Toolkit
The state Department of Education offers several resources and strategies to support the transition from middle school to high school and into postsecondary options in this PDF.

Parent & Family Engagement Resources
Parents and mentors can use these resources to help teens, including those with disabilities, to make career and postsecondary education plans.

Omnibus Bill HF2397
Track the status, changes, and approvals during the 2013-2014 session of the Minnesota legislation related to career and college readiness, experiential learning, and individualized learning plans.

Other resources with multi-step career planning processes: