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Career Planning:
Toolkit for Teachers & Career Advisers

This Toolkit section utilizes a six-step career planning model to organize the content for students and job seekers.

The Career Planning section of the Toolkit for Teachers & Career Advisers highlights how to use the Minnesota Career Fields, Clusters & Pathways framework for delivering career information and career planning resources in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and public and community employment organizations.

Public/Community Organizations & Initiatives (.xls, 178KB)
This Excel spreadsheet details regional and state nonprofit and public programs in Minnesota related to all aspects of career development and college readiness. Download the Minnesota Career & College Organizations & Initiatives spreadsheet (.xls, 178KB) to find resources to help youth and special populations.

Resources in the Toolkit are organized by a six-step career planning process.

  1. Assess Yourself — Skills, interest, values, and other career assessments and information; Resources needed to choose a postsecondary or career plan.
  2. Explore Careers — Exposure to career types; Data and information about industries, career clusters, pathways, and specific occupations.
  3. Create a Plan & Set Goals — Information to help make short- and long-term education or career goals; Tools to record individualized plans.
  4. Get Training/Education — College-readiness information; Financial aid resources; data and information about types of schools, institutions, postsecondary programs and job training.
  5. Find a Job — Job search information; employment readiness resources.
  6. Advance Your Career — Career management information; Budgeting and financial literacy resources; Work retention and advancement information; Resources for overcoming barriers.

Each section of the Toolkit for Teachers & Career Advisers includes:

  • Activities and worksheets (see About Activities)
  • Resources lists of websites, videos, and organizations
  • Quick tips for advisers

Several resources in the toolkits are available as PDF files. If you do not have the software to view PDFs, you can download a free PDF viewer.

Lesson plans and activities to help instructors and advisers to use the MN Programs of Study website for career and college planning are in the section Using MN Programs of Study: Toolkit for Teachers & Career Advisers.

In addition, program administrators can find useful resources in the Toolkit for Administrators & Consortium Leaders.