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Administrator Toolkit

The Toolkit for Administrators & Consortium Leaders offers program guidance and professional development resources to develop Minnesota Programs of Study.

The Toolkit for Administrators & Consortium Leaders helps administrators and educators implementing the Minnesota Career Fields, Clusters & Pathways framework in K-12 institutions, and colleges and universities.

The Toolkit includes state and national guidelines, resources to implement a Program of Study, and training materials for district managers.

PowerPoint files (.ppt) can be saved and used in presentations. Several resources in the toolkits are available as PDF files. If you do not have the software to view PDFs, you can download a free PDF viewer.


Content for this toolkit was provided by the Minnesota Career and Technical Education Unit of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and the Minnesota Department of Education. Advising and instructional resources for use with students and job seekers are in the Toolkit for Teachers & Career Advisers.