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About Activities

The activities in this section engage students and job seekers in appropriate stages of career exploration and planning.

The activities and worksheets in the Toolkit for Teachers & Career Advisers utilize college-readiness and career resources from Minnesota partners and other products to research career and education interests.

The activities are designed for use in elementary, middle, and high school classes, as well as in workshops and programs offered by community agencies and adult employment services.


Each activity and worksheet indicates which audience(s) it is designed for:

  • Awareness — Introduction to a topic or concept; often geared toward groups with little prior career exploration experiences, including young students
  • Exploration — Research and active engagement in a topic or resource; activities are suitable for multiple age groups
  • In-Depth — Detailed investigation of specific topics; targeting older teens and adults acting on their career or education plans

Length of Time

Each activity and worksheet indicates the approximate time it will take to complete. This information helps with scheduling and choosing which activities to use in conjunction with each other.

Activity Components

The activities in this toolkit focus on career development competencies in areas of self-knowledge and career planning, occupational and education exploration, work and college readiness, and job search. Each activity contains five sections as well as links to recommended print and online career information resources. Activities are specifically designed to assist instructors and career advisers who teach or counsel students and job seekers in the career exploration process.

The five sections of each activity are:

  1. Materials Needed — lists supplies and resources required to execute the activity
  2. Objectives — states the purpose of the activity and what the student will learn
  3. Instructions — outlines ways to instruct participants in completing the activity
  4. Evaluation of Learning — suggestions for grading and student evaluation
  5. Enhanced Learning — recommendations for extended engagement in the topic

Guidelines for Use of Information

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities grants educators, career counselors, and students permission to print, copy, and cite information from the toolkits freely and without requesting special permission under two conditions:

  1. The information must be used for educational noncommercial purposes.
  2. The information must be accompanied by a citation that includes the WEBSITE the information is cited from.

Each classroom activity and worksheet is available as a PDF file. If you do not have the software to view PDFs, you can download a free PDF viewer.