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Talk to Students About Selecting the Right Classes

A Program of Study is an academic and career plan that begins in high school and culminates with a college degree, diploma, or certificate program.

A Program of Study identifies the high school required classes, pairs them with career and technical or other elective classes and extra-curricular activities, giving students a comprehensive look at how they can prepare for college-level work and acquire work readiness skills that can lead them towards a career of their choice.

Use Each Plan for Academic Planning and Career Counseling

You already know that a successful student is a prepared student. But many students leave high school not ready for college or the workforce. You can help by guiding them as they select their high school classes.

  • Use the lesson plans and activities in the Toolkit for Teachers & Career Advisers to help students understand how to create a Program of Study plan.
  • Get familiar with the Programs of Study plans developed at your high school including the college programs associated with it.
  • Facilitate discussion with students about career development and college preparation by looking at a Program of Study plan.
  • Talk to students about early college credit options available at his or her high school.

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