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Administrators & Consortium Leaders

What You Need to Know About Programs of Study

A major component of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 focuses on Programs of Study.

Key elements in a Program of Study include:

  • Competency based curricula tied to industry expectations and skill standards;
  • Sequential course offerings that provide strategic entry and exit points as needed throughout a lifetime;
  • Flexible course and program formats convenient for learner segments;
  • Course portability for seamless progression;
  • Multiple entry and exit points to support continuing education, returning adults, and dislocated workers; and
  • Connections between high school and postsecondary education, skill progression, and career opportunities that align academic credentials with job advancement in high skill, high wage, or high demand occupations.

Develop a Program of Study

We encourage you to develop Programs of Study that align with learning opportunities and in-demand careers in your region. Designing a Program of Study in a specific career pathway goes beyond filling in a chart with the names of available courses. It involves examining appropriate college and career readiness standards, academic and technical standards, and aligning learning opportunities with academic and career competencies.

Promote Programs of Study in Your Community

This means educators, counselors, and advisors are familiar with, support, and promote the school's Programs of Study and actively contribute to the work of the Program of Study team.

Educators effectively integrate Programs of Study into classes and learning activities as a way of supporting student planning and to foster persistence. Students and parents are informed about labor market information, high-demand, high-wage careers, and multiple educational pathways to prepare for those careers.

As a result, students routinely select classes based on their individual Program of Study plan which outlines their learning and career goals.

Get in touch with a Program of Study Leader in your school or college

If you are an administrator or community leader interested in learning how Programs of Study are being developed and implemented in your high school or college, check out our directory page for email and phone contact information.