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students and families

Everything you do in high school is about preparing you for a better life.

Take the right combination of classes in high school and your chances of entering college get better! Add some career and technical classes, such as those in engineering, health sciences, personal finance and technology. Also, enroll in an early college course.

It's more than just about going to college. It's about finding a career, too.

Join extra-curricular activities at your high school to gain life skills like leadership and communication. Now you're looking really good!

A high school degree is not enough. Make a plan!

Follow a Program of Study plan your school put together and you're well on your way towards a brighter future. Learn more about Programs of Study.

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Additional Resources

Lesson plans, activities, worksheets, videos, and other resources using a six-step career planning model to help advise students and job seekers are in Career Planning: Toolkit for Teachers & Career Advisers.